In 1966, an interesting publication appeared titled The Report From Iron Mountain. It is a detailed study for planned crisis in world where major war
is a thing of the past. Some other peril must be fabricated to instill the fear necessary for continued growth of government in a world without war. Some
have speculated that it is a leaked government study from the Hudson Institute commissioned by Robert McNamara's Defense Department.
Others claim it to be an elaborate hoax by giddy anti-war academics, namely Victor Navasky and Leonard Lewin. Regardless of its origins, it seems
apparent that its basic tenets have been adopted as policy by establishment operatives. In the words of the report, "substitutes for the functions of war...
alternate enemies" such as "massive global environmental pollution" must be concocted to justify the ever expanding role of government.

The most heavily promoted of these scare stories is that of global warming. The modest 0.7 degree Celsius increase in global mean temperature over the
past 100 years in conjunction with a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide has been dishonestly inflated to the level of crisis, when all honest science indicates
it is in fact beneficial.

The massive Agenda 21 adopted after the "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janiero in 1992 is the UN's global mission statement, and every human actvity is
subject to regulation under that plan.

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